Kevin Thomas, LMT Kevin Thomas, LMT is a licensed practitioner of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  His mission is to empower the health of others through a peaceful and restorative integration of techniques that effectively alleviate stress, tension and pain for people from all walks of life.  He graduated from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage with a 4.0 GPA and maintains a 5-star rating on multiple review sites.  Visit him for serenity in historic downtown Leesburg, VA.
Certified: Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards
Licensed: Virginia Department of Health Professions
Member: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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The Massage Experience

You’ll be welcomed into my office where we’ll begin your consultation.  Afterwards, you’ll enter a private therapy room with a plush heated massage table, delightful decor and calming sounds.  You’ll undress to your comfort level and remain under a sheet and blanket with modest undraping used during therapy.  Open communication is used to support your comfort and awareness at all times.

Therapeutic Massage is applied, which reduces stress, tension, pain and inflammation while improving relaxation, mobility, posture, circulation and immune function.  I use a combination of the following techniques:

  • Swedish Massage – Relaxing and soothing extrinsic tissues via gliding, circular motion, kneading and tapping.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Releasing hypertonic intrinsic tissues via firm slow-moving or stationary pressure.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – Desensitizing and reducing hyperirritable nodules via firm stationary or pulsing pressure.
  • Contemporary Lomilomi – Hawaiian inspired flowing application of the forearms, elbows and hands with varying pressure.
  • Passive Stretching – Muscle lengthening via client relaxation during therapist applied positions.

After your massage, you’ll return to my office and be encouraged to drink provided spring water during your post-consultation followed by the payment process and the opportunity to schedule future appointments.  You’ll be feeling relaxed and limber, but temporary soreness can be expected with deep tissue therapy, which lessons with more frequent sessions.

Schedule and Prices

Kevin Thomas, LMT
Wednesday – Saturday  |  12:00PM – 8:00PM  |  By appointment only
No same-day appointments.  Currently unable to see new clients.

7 Loudoun St. SW, Suite 240
Leesburg, VA 20175
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Phone: 703-662-1518 (call or text)

60 Minutes = $95
90 Minutes = $135
120 Minutes = $175
Credit Cards Cash Money No_Checks_Accepted

Click HERE for the Intake Form – print and fill out prior to your appointment

COVID vaccinations require you to wait at least 48 hours and any side effects must resolve before an appointment.
COVID positive test results require you to wait at least 14 days and retest as negative before an appointment.


Serenity By Kevin

Google says:
“I was experiencing excruciating headaches and debilitating neck pain.  Kevin immediately recognized the source of pain and has worked with me to provide total wellness.  His massages are not only professional but also incredibly intuitive.  In addition to his massages, he has the ability to integrate sound and aroma therapies so that you leave his table feeling renewed.  He is the BEST!”
Tony C. ★★★★★

“Kevin is absolutely AMAZING!!!  I’ve been dealing with a pain in my arm for many months.  I’ve been to the doctor and Physical Therapy without any relief.  Only one visit with Kevin and I’ve regained much needed mobility and less pain.  I would give him 10 *****’s if I could (5 just isn’t enough).  Highly recommended!!!”
Linda D. ★★★★★

“A true healer, Kevin’s intuitive therapy fosters relaxation of both the body and the spirit.  Whether relieving stress or healing an injury, he has the professional knowledge and approach to restore mobility and comfort.  You won’t find a better massage therapist!”
Lara ★★★★★

“Kevin is an incredibly skilled and professional massage therapist.  He listens carefully, determines your particular needs, and develops a program to address them using a variety of bodywork techniques.  Never rushes, always caring, and genuinely focused on the overall well-being of his clients.  I highly recommend him.”
Tina P. ★★★★★

“Kevin is incredibly skilled as a massage therapist and even educates me on how to reduce muscle tension.  I came to him with neck pain and tight muscles in general and he has helped my body heal.  He is professional and provides great communication. I recommend his services if you want relaxation or need help with muscle pain similar to mine.”
Morgan B. ★★★★★

Facebook says:
“Kevin is amazing!  He is helping me through some issues I’m having that I was having dry needling done for.  After 2 appointments with Kevin, I am doing so much better and getting more mobility, that took months to achieve through dry needling.  I can not say enough about how knowledgeable and courteous he is!!!  12/10!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND”
Teneille T. ★★★★★

“Kevin left my 84-year old father feeling very relaxed after his massage…  And he did a great job working on all the knots that I’ve built up over the past few years caring for my parents.  Before our sessions, Kevin was responsive to all of our questions and concerns.  During our sessions, I did not feel he was in a hurry to be done.  It’s been a while since I’ve been so relaxed…  Thank you, Kevin!”
Cyndy N. ★★★★★

“Had a great massage by Kevin.  Very skilled and really helped to relieve my headache and trouble spots from chronic stress.  Highly recommend. Thank you!”
Michelle B. ★★★★★

“Kevin is an amazing massage therapist.  He is extremely knowledgeable and gave me some terrific advice for at home care.  I will be back.”
Tina B. ★★★★★

Yelp says:
“I’ve probably gone to 100 massage therapists in my life and let me tell ya – Kevin is the real deal.  He has a gift for using his sense of touch to feel out the exact place your muscles need pressure to get them to relax.  Kevin is that guy who can look at your posture, your gait and poke you in a few choice places to immediately know where your tension is and how to relieve it.  If you want to invest in yourself and make the most of your remaining youth, your body, your health, and your mind, go get a massage with Kevin.”
Crystal L. ★★★★★

TripAdvisor says:
“Wonderful place for a high-quality therapeutic massage.  Quaint massage studio located in historic old town Leesburg- the rooms are clean, comfortable and relaxing.  The therapist, Kevin, is outstanding- very knowledgeable, highly skilled and really cares about his client’s well-being.  By far, one of the best massages I’ve ever received.”
Woodlands Girl ★★★★★

The Leesburg Spa

Google says:
“Kevin did a deep tissue massage for me and he is wonderful!  Was having an issue with my wrist and he worked on that area and gave me some exercises to do to help in the future.  My wrist is much better now, Thank you Kevin!  I highly recommend Leesburg Spa and Kevin.”
Stacie G. ★★★★★

“Kevin is an amazing massage therapist!  He pays close attention to my needs and is there for more than just relaxing he helped my sciatica, shoulders.  I love that he cares a listens.  Makes me feel like a whole new person.”
Michelle S. ★★★★★

Groupon says:
“Best massage I’ve ever had. Kevin listened to the issues I was having with aches and pain and made sure to focus on those areas along with everything else.”
Izaque R. ★★★★★

“Kevin was awesome. He asked questions before starting and was very good to follow thru during the session.”
Frances P. ★★★★★

“Had couples massage by Kevin… Best massages we’ve ever had. Highly recommend!”
Patricia C. ★★★★★

“Best massage my husband and I have ever had in our lives!!!”
Heather W. ★★★★★

Yelp says:
“My husand’s massage therapist was Kevin and he was equally impressed with his skill set and professionalism. The spa itself is stylish and super clean. Highly recommend!”
Patti C. ★★★★★

TripAdvisor says:
“Kevin was attentive, capable, and very professional.  He ably addressed my neck and back issues, and even provided some suggestions for stretches.”
Larry C. ★★★★★

Consumers’ Checkbook says:
“Kevin Thomas provided an outstanding therapeutic massage.  The massage was targeted to areas needing attention.  The pressure was strong enough to be effective, yet the massage was also deeply relaxing.  By far one of the best massages I’ve ever received. Highly recommended.”
E.W. ★★★★★

Absolutely Massage

Google says:
“…Kevin are VERY knowledgable and have such a calming energy.  Their dedication to their craft really shows and I HIGHLY recommend them both and this place in downtown Leesburg.  Thank you guys for such an amazing and relaxing massage.  I will definitely be booking here again.”
Taylor S. ★★★★★

“Kevin Thomas did an amazing job, just amazing!
George G. ★★★★★